SQUID Reflection


After months of countless SQUID posts and blogs, I have realized that most of my blogs are mainly uniting and investigating. After carefully reading over SQUID sources in class, I typically like to unite and connect it with my daily life in order to make my posts interesting. Additionally, after uniting the source, I also like to further investigate it as well by looking further into the source and finding its true meaning and how it relates to my daily life. This is the typical pattern that I usually blog with, however, I am also delighted by the many things I blog as it relates to what I do throughout the day or week.


Some tags that I often use are school and winter. Most of my blogs are related to school since I spend most of the week at school or doing homework. This topic is easy to relate to with the sources since most of the sources have to do with education or learning in some way. I also like to blog about the winter or Christmas. During the winter season, I was very excited for Christmas so I constantly blogged and wrote about it.

Are We Truly Peaceful?

Although there may be many fully complete blog posts, there are also some that I am able to expand on and add more to. An example of one would be my blog post on the election: “Are We Truly Peaceful?” I would be able to expand more on this post now that Trump is in office and I can easily reflect on his actions and what he has done in his first month in office. This post can be also tagged as “despise” now that Trump is president. In my opinion, his actions have been unnecessary and many people do not agree with his opinions on immigration and how he has been dealing with it. Yes, illegal immigration is a problem, but the way he has tried to fix it made the problem even worse.


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