A Year of Growth


Throughout my junior year, one of the classes that influenced me the most was AP Language and Composition. While taking this class, I was able to grow as a learner, speaker, reader, and writer. Initially, I was not a great writer or reader and I despised both. To me, reading and writing was a chore and I would do anything to get out of it. However after taking this class, I was able to grow and lessen my hate for the both as I was more motivated to read and write. Before, I was not as motivated and believed that English was not super essential since I knew I would never end up using literary devices or analysis in my future career. However, after taking AP Lang, I was more motivated as the AP test began to approach, allowing me to realize that I needed to wake up and start trying for both the sake of my grade and my future learning.

While taking the class, I was able to learn a lot through the countless assignments we did. In my opinion, I believed most of the assignments we did were effective and actually prepared us for the AP test. For example, I really thought the weekly morphemes were helpful for my understanding in vocabulary, which the AP test mostly consisted of. I believed that knowing a basic understanding in morphemes was really effective and allowed me to guess what words meant when I had no idea. I also believed that our practice tests we did in class for multiple choice and practice essays were really helpful as well. I was able to get better on my timing for multiple choice and also get good critique on my essays. These practice tests allowed me to grow as a writer as I began to analyze more carefully and write better essays through descriptions and vocabulary.

While these assignments were really effective, there are many other things that I could have wish to done better or differently, For instance, I believed that I could have tried harder, especially for the essays. At times I would slack off and write whatever just to get the job done and I believed that it was really bad for both me and my learning. Instead of slacking off, I should have tried harder to do a better job on my essays instead of turning in work that I did not try my best on. In addition to the essays, I think I should have taken more practice tests outside of class to prepare more for the AP Lang exam and also study more vocabulary. I also believed that I should have asked my teacher more about essays and how I could improve them instead of just keeping quiet about it.


CC Image by Sakura on Flickr

While taking this course, I also planned on applying my learning through other classes as well now and in the future. English is the most used language in the world and is very useful in college too. As I move on with my life, I plan to use my learning in college and especially in my college applications. For my personal statements, I plan on using the skills we learned in this course and apply it to my essays in order to effectively state my point. I also plan on applying my learning in the future in college as well as other English standardized tests. I believe that this class has also contributed to my work ethic by allowing me to have a better time management and by allowing me to work harder and show that you should not slack off no matter how easy or hard the course is, which will be important advice to follow in my senior year.

This class has also allowed me to grow in my collaboration skills and my critical thinking skills as well. For instance, our group work and group presentations has allowed me to further connect with my group and even make us close friends than we already were. It has also allowed me to collaborate with others in other projects like the Zine projects we did on our issues. AP Lang has also allowed me to grow as a critical thinker through our question explorations. The question explorations and discussions have allowed me to not only read books but also analyze and think while reading as well. By being a critical thinker, it has allowed me to easily know what the author is thinking and  what the characters are as well. This will be useful for the future in both life and my education as I would be able to read faster and interpret text better as well.


In The Cather in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, I was able to also realize that words are necessary to connect human beings. For example, Holden’s communication with others is very limited, contributing to his loneliness throughout the book. However, after he meets up with Sally and Luce, he begins to communicate more with others and has more dialogue. This lessens his loneliness as he is more happy being with others, especially with his sister. Words are also necessary to connect human beings in many other novels as well including The Great Gatsby. For instance, in the book, Gatsby has been admiring Daisy for years but never actually talked to her or reconnected with her until Nick arrived in the story, bringing the two together. After Gatsby and Daisy began to talk more, they got reconnected once again and fell back in love. This shows the importance of words as it connects human beings to one another by showing each others’ message instead of just keeping quiet.


Overall, I was able to successfully grow as a reader, learner, and writer throughout the year and gain many skills as well. I believe that this class was very effective in my learning and I was also able to meet amazing people like my group members and Mr. Ziebarth. This has also allowed me to share and apply my learning in other situations as well and also in the future. Through this course, I will be able to effectively become a better person as well as a better learner and writer.


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